(Mohammed Sherif's)   "Qoutes"
icon-1.gif (836 bytes)Friendship:
meaning = this is the bond or link between two persons and life + certain circumstances made it a way for this new relation.

-Why did I become friends with him/her?

*I felt kinda of good being with him and talking to about my personal stuff.

*Sharing common things in between us which made it always the reason I go back calling him whenever I want to share my favourite things with him.

*Having common decriptions in our personalities like I am  Kind so I will be willing always to find a kind friend too not an evil or bad one!.

*The need to have a friend or someone to be with .This is usually the basic ,because whenever a person feels lonely or in need to talk to someone for sure the most proper and near person to go to directly is my dear friend ;).

-Wrong meanings of "Friendship" in our life :

*I need you.I can find you

I don't need you.I can't find you.

*Be of same level in everything.Same financial stuff ,same level of standards.. and so on .

Wrong meanings of "Friendship" in our life

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