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icon-1.gif (836 bytes)Friendship:
meaning = this is the bond or link between two persons and life + certain circumstances made it a way for this new relation.

-Why did I become friends with him/her?

*I felt kinda of good being with him and talking to about my personal stuff.
*Sharing common things in between us which made it always the reason I go back calling him       whenever I want to share my favourite things with him.
*Having common decriptions in our personalities like I am  Kind so I will be willing always to find a kind friend too not an evil or bad one!.
*The need to have a friend or someone to be with .This is usually the basic ,because whenever a      person feels lonely or in need to talk to someone for sure the most proper and near person to go      to directly is my dear friend ;).

-Wrong meanings of "Friendship" in our life :

*-I need you.I can find you
  -I don't need you.I can't find you.
*Be of same level in everything.Same financial stuff ,same level of standards.. and so on .

-Bad use of word  "Friendship" in our life :

*you could be helpful to me your my friend then!
*I am gonna do him a favor so he could do another one infront.
*If he became no more useful to me .From now on I am gonna find another one(its very easy!!).
*Tell compliments & flatter him all the time.
*Let him hear what he wanna hear really,even you think those are all lies.
*Let him think he is your best friend.
*And for most this relations ends in a crash!

-Types of "Friendship" :

*(1)Long term friendship :
-we were grown up together and I always used to be with him.We go out together,play,have fun,travel and everything together.We are really anthems.And we do care for each other very much like brothers.
(hint:) I learned that when financial stuff comes in between two friends ,this is the begin of the bad end.

(2) Short term friendship :
-Its only for facts and life conditions made both of us friends only for a short period of time like I am on the army and I need to be with this person.Though we became friends ,but after finishing army period I didn't hear from him again.

Difference between Friendship & Love :

Love : is the bond that links between two hearts.

-love in my opinion is an advanced stage of friendship

hint:how many love relations came at last between two friends cause she or he felt like she/he can't survive or live without the other side .So it  results in strong feelings and love at last.

icon-1.gif (836 bytes)Love & Infatuation :

Love : it is the word which have no specific meaning or certain expression cause every individual on earth has his own meaning of love.

icon-1.gif (836 bytes)My opinion for love is :

*Strong feelings towards certain person for he or she.
*You can't see except them infront of your eyes.
*You want them always happy and see this cute smile on their faces.
*Be always beside them whenever they need you.
*Doing crazy things you can't explain.
*Denying the truth & believing in lies.
*You need them always beside you.
*Their picture is drawn always in your heart!.
*They make you enhance yourself and challenge to be the best.
*You think they are angels.
*Whenever you wake up in the morning and you think about the dearest female your heart this is love!!.
*Whenever you look into their eyes you see your own future unborn children.And like this match was made in heaven.
*Your eyes at last learned to smile cause they are here beside you and hand in hand.
*Imagining yourself without them is like hell for your sweetheart.
*You could bare your soul for them.
*You could forget  all about everything whenever you look into their eyes.
*They are your soulmates.

icon-1.gif (836 bytes)Infatuation :

*It is sometimes from first sight.Like you saw her first time and you felt something strange and you couldn't explain it yet.
*You always think of yourself only in this relation.
*Your health ,work, sociable dealings your whole life is really changed ,but became weaker if things didn't go well.
*You feel different after short time and every feeling could disappear.
*This kinda of relations at most times ends with heart break.
*You like only their looks.
*Its like a crash on someone no more!

icon-1.gif (836 bytes)Could infatuation turn into love ?

Infatuation ----------x-------> Love

Well I myself I could say yes,because may be you be lucky and this person you liked their looking.After sometime you find out that their personality is really what you did want in your dream future.Though you have now no gates infront you so go on.

Falling in love with : its just I met this person and I really began to fall for this person

Falling into love : is the act its of feelings towards some person.

icon-1.gif (836 bytes)Things I do believe in ?

1)Love from first sight is not safe at all and having in between many dangers in near future.
2)If your in love ? Your always insecure.
3)Love from one side hurts.Love from both sides heals.
4)Love is the bond that links two hearts.
5)When you love someone you don't mind doing anything even strange & weird things you can't explain.
6)You do know its love when days ,months ,years passes by and this is feelings is still growing up everyday like a baby.
7)I believe in soul mates.
8)If you fell in love and got hurted once and twice and even more congratualtions your really having a strong and braveheart.
9)A braveheart after the heartbreak.

icon-1.gif (836 bytes)Things to learn about girls?

1)their hearts are oceans of secrets.
2)They do the opposite to what they feel.
3)They always want we guys to think that they are really different from other girls he had known.
4)Not to go on loving a smart girl cause in future you gonna suffer much.
5)Beautiful , smart and decent girl = three girls.
6)Treat the girl you love as if she is  a normal girl like other girls you know.
7)Don't love too much at first cause you don't know your future yet.
8)Beauty is only a frame for that original beauty of soul inside that person.So one day this frame gonna disappear and the original picture of her soul gonna live.
9)I think I am really in love with this girl if I can't imagine myself her with someone else.
10)Whenever eyes meets the desirable beauty time for destiny to do its duty.
11)Loving to be loved is human,while loving for sake of love is angelic.
12)Ugly ,fat girls aren't happy.Beautiful thin girls aren't happy too so who is happy then ?
13)Girls fall in love through their ears and we guys through our eyes.
14)I can't make a girl love me ,but I can be the guy she wanna love.
15)Girls say they don't mind shape of a guy whenver we go ask them they say ohh shot tall, thin fat... etc.
16)I think passing your whole life without loving a girl is like the end of the human part inside you.
17)If you did love a girl and she did break your heart don't let go the love let go the girl.
18)Girls always fall in love easily with that dungeon guy.
19)If a girl wanna win a guy's heart she gonna do anything really anything.
20)Girls always like to hear that they are wanted by other guys.
21)Beware always diplomatic girls cause you don't know what their hearts hide away from you.
22)A single girl is either a girl tasted love or a girl who didn't taste it at all,but best of which is a girl who is still waiting for her future dream guy.
23)I do believe in love from first sight .even all of its defects.
24)3 thigns girls chat about:  a)their style of dressing b)guys. c)how to attract that guy with their appearances.
25)Girls have flooding emotions inside their hearts even you could see them opposite

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