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Leo (July  23-Aug 22)

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You are extremely attractive to women. You are easily noticed in a crowd and you usually get a lot of attention. You are a showman, flashy and flamboyant. You can be careless at times, however you are also a master at covering up mistakes or anything else. You love and admire beautiful women, but your mate must not outshine you in any manner. You prefer your female to be reserved so as not to steal your thunder. You are an extrovert, you love to laugh, you are generous, outgoing and you love the best of everything. You have a high opinion of yourself and you want your mate to feed your ego. You need to be admired and desired. Unfortunately you tend to bestow your affections on the wrong men. You are extremely demanding when it comes to lovemaking. It isn't so much that you want to be love but you do want to be worshipped and adorned with all the nice things in life. You can tend to get lazy if you become too comfortable with your lover. Although you are dignified you can be domineering. You are vain, however you are also very generous. You can be faithful as long as your lover is affectionate.
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