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Libra (Sept 23-Oct 22)

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You make bedtime a rewarding experience. You are determined to satisfy your mate even if it takes all night. You love beauty in all aspects of life -including your women. You use your charm and sophisticated intelligence as a weapon and you are an expert at luring your prey. When it comes right down to taking action, however your indecisiveness often takes over. You start to weigh the pros and cons and if you have any doubts at all you will continue to play with your victims' desires. You don't really like to hurt anyone intentionally which does end up putting you at the mercy of your lover. You will respond to flattery or praise. You become interested in women at a young age. Your preference is usually well dressed women with long hair and moist lips. You are noted for your grace, refinement and beauty as well as your repulsion to anything unattractive. You are meticulous in manner and dress and add a touch of elegance to all that surrounds you. Your goal is more to be admired by a man but if he is willing to boost your ego on a continuing basis you will show him how skilled you are at the art of lovemaking. You tend to prefer the artistic type of man, however your partner must also be highly lucrative in order to furnish you with the adornments that you require to keep you happy.
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