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Taurus (April 20-May 20)

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You like to enjoy your passions in comfort. Soft music, low lights and a good brandy are a must. You like to be surrounded with beautiful objects and you demand what you consider to be quality in all aspects of your life including your women. You don't like women who waste your time. If a potential lover really wants to be with you she shouldn't take too long to decide. You are patient but chances are you will fall asleep if she doesn't make her move. You don't like a mate who argues with you, after all it is fruitless because there is no way she can possibly win. You also frown upon the female who plays hard to get, now that's a game you just won't play. You are a physical individual, earthy, lusty and sensual, a connoisseur of food, drink and women. When you take someone out you want to get your money's worth and you expect your partner to treat you well if you show them a good time. You are strong willed, possessive, intensely emotional and highly sexed. You are protective over the female who knows how to satisfy your sexual cravings. You are a complex lady. You are ruled by the planet Venus that makes you knowledgeable instinctively in the art of seduction. You love beautiful objects and adornments and will welcome any quality gifts that your lover buys for you. You always know exactly what you want and you will become quite stubborn if you don't get it. As long as your man stays on your good side and treats you with tender loving care you will be affectionate and willing to give him whatever he wants. You are eager to learn about life and the man that can teach you the ins and outs will win your heart. You look for a lover who is sincere, appreciative and knowledgeable about getting the best quality for the best price. If your chosen partner lives up to your standards you will be a loyal, loving and excellent bed mate.
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